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Upon Further Review, NCAA Calls a Timeout

Sometimes a no-huddle offense creates more problems than it’s worth.

This past October, the NCAA essentially rolled out its no-huddle offense by moving swiftly to institute higher initial-eligibility standards for the high school graduating class of 2015. That class was in the midst of their freshman year when the changes were announced.

Upon further review, the NCAA huddled up and realized what many high school administrators have been telling us at no fewer than 10 state conferences we attended this spring - the changes were taking effect too quickly. Most high school administrators felt there simply wasn’t enough lead time to properly communicate the dramatic changes to student-athletes and high school counselors and coaches.

On April 26, the NCAA Division I Board of Directors took heed and called a timeout by delaying implementation of the new standards until the class of 2016.

The NCAA was clear that this is a delay, not a lessening of the new academic requirements.  "There is no thought anywhere of reducing those standards. The commitment to these standards is rock solid," said NCAA President Mark Emmert.

Click here to review the new DI academic requirements which will now take effect with the class of 2016.


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