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There is so much to learn, but after watching, our family now feels like we know where to start. gave us the confidence we needed to take the important first steps for our student-athletes.
Thank you so much for what you are doing! A wealth of information was shared and has armed us to be successful for our children’s college career.
As a first year AD, it is very overwhelming. I feel that this information may help me do my job better. Our school has 3,000 students and five guidance counselors. My kids need this information.
Really opens your eyes to the reality of acquiring scholarships and college attendance.
Great information, very motivational. Eye-opening stats! Loved the reinforcement of academics first and having a backup plan. Thank you!
Extremely informative as a new high school counselor. Now I know where I can go for more information on student-athletes.
Thank you so much for the reality check. More kids need to hear your message and data at the middle school and freshman level to get their grades where they need to be while they still have enough time!
Great information. I’m going to share this with my students.
I have posted this for the parents and athletes to take a look at because I believe that it has such important information on it. I wish I had something like this when I was going into college.
I have passed it along to my school colleagues, required my counselors to view it and had our county office add it as a professional development option. In years past I have forwarded it on to my athletes and presented it to parents and prospective athletes at an informational night.
Awesome video. I will make the rest of the administration view this. Thanks!
Thank you! I am brand new to the school counseling office and this is essential to what I’m supposed to do!
I took two pages of notes and will be educating myself on some of the topics that I would like to learn more about. Thanks for opening the door to the complex process of scholarships.
I will recommend the webinar to other parents. It was informative, educational, and an eye opener. Athletes and parents should be tuned in to this webinar before before the athlete’s junior year in high school.
We appreciate the enthusiasm, depth/breadth of knowledge, values centered approach and focus on finding the school that is the right fit.
This should be required of all 8th grade parents coming into high school so classes can be selected for freshman year.
Great resource! Will share with colleagues and parents of athletes.
Excellent presentation! We learned more things about the process than we expected to learn. Thank you for the information.
Our son is playing D1 baseball and I’ve heard several talks on this subject, but found yours very helpful for our daughter and ended up learning even more. Much appreciated!
I learned so much about the recruiting process. Thank you for providing this information!
Excellent presentation! As a first year high school counselor, this information was extremely helpful to me.

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